Monday, March 16, 2009

Ophibre - Approaching The Ionized Piezo Kiosk (Earjerk ,2009)

Ophibre - Approaching The Ionized Piezo Kiosk

Some have said that due to the large amount of Ophibre related posts here on AGB that I'm having a secret love affair with the man. Well now that's just ridiculous. Why would I be cheating on my wife in such an obvious, transparent way? Don't you think she would notice? But maybe I'm doing it in plain sight so no one suspects anything...shit. COVER = BLOWN.

Approaching The Ionized Piezo Kiosk is Ophibre's latest foray into orgasmic drone and his first CD for Earjerk. Normally Ophibre puts out tapes and while an Ophibre CD is'nt really rare, it's also not a common sighting which is just another reason I'm excited to review Piezo Kiosk.

Once this long track kicks in, it just dives right into a mesmerizing drone, the kind where your eyes glaze over and you're not actually seeing whatever it is you're looking at. Your mind simply wanders off to another place. I claimed "Harem Of Moths" might be my favorite work by Ophibre but "Approaching The Ionized Piezo Kiosk" is quickly gaining on the number one spot. The transcendent shimmer is offset by the melancholic trombone, giving this just the right amount of balance. I'm not sure it's an actual trombone being used, but it sounds very similar to Phill Niblock's Nothin' To Look At Just A Record which is long form trombone drone.

Yes, I just compared Ophibre to Niblock and I did it on purpose. This guy has serious droning chops and deserves high praise. The world needs to know that this Boston experimental noise maker exists and the best way I can think of going about that is to shout about his mad skills.

The packaging on Piezo Kiosk is pretty damn cool, although not quite as spectacular as most of the tapes Ophibre puts out on his Oph Sound label. It's got a semi-transparent reversible eye fuck on the outside with a folded one of a kind piece of a thrift store LP on the inside. There's only 36 of these so you better get on this shit quick.

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