Thursday, March 5, 2009

Millipede - Sand & Surf (Install, 2009)

Millipede - Sea

Millipede is no stranger to AGB and after putting out a few physical releases (Death Mountain and a split tape with Brian Grainger), he's released an internet freebie titled Sand & Surf. If you're even slightly familiar with Millipede, you probably remember that he usually makes Zelda noise (aka music inspired by The Legend Of Zelda). Sand & Surf is his first to contain music completely unrelated to the Zelda series and it gives everyone a chance to see if they still like Millipede's music regardless of the video game relevance.

Sand & Surf is short (4 songs, 10 minutes) and while it's not the best stuff I've heard from Millipede, it's still nothing short of fantastic. Thick, noisey, scary, beautiful guitar drone that is clearly still awesome even when the original influence is forgone. The songs are titled "Sun," "Sand," "Surf," and "Sea" so it looks like this time he's more focused on beachy elements, which seems to work just as well.

Download this now from the Milieu website.

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