Thursday, March 26, 2009

MP3: Dinosaur Feathers - Know Your Own Strength

Dinosaur Feathers - Know Your Own Strength

A few dudes from Brooklyn named Dinosaur Feathers are releasing their debut single "Know Your Own Strength" on April 7th on Family Records. It's a solid song that sounds kinda like a mix between The Dodos and Many Mansions. But instead of a band reference, how about a cartoon one? It's got the tropical, underwater, light-heartedness vibe that makes it almost impossible for me to not think of The Snorks every time I hear it. I guarantee Allstar Seaworthy and Casey Kelp spin Dinosaur Feathers at every party.

The B side, "History Lessons," is just as tight and can be streamed (and purchased) right here.

They're coming to town on April 23rd, playing O'Brien's with Pearl & The Beard. Take the chance to see Dinosaur Feathers at a little club before they're playing The House Of Blues alongside Animal Collective.


Nick said...

I liked that song. I was skeptical of your Snorks comparison at first, but I stand corrected. Didn't you compare another song to the Smurfs theme few months ago?

Justin Snow said...

I did. I said I thought the song "Wavves" sounded like Zach Hill covering the Smurfs theme song. Good memory. I totally forgot about that.