Friday, March 20, 2009

MP3: Pipedream - Passing Trains

Pipedream - Passing Trains

This is an old song but something tells me you probably haven't heard it before. "Passing Trains" came out in 1996 on The Journey From Hamburg To Iceland Begins by Pipedream, a little known post rock band from Canada. This is the shortest track from the record and it's also the best. Not only is it the best song from Journey, it's also one of the best (and probably only) songs I've ever heard that I would use the words "prog," "kraut," and "vocoder" to describe. It's spacey & droney, rocking & epic, and yes, the singer used a vocoder. But forget all of those descriptors and just listen to the song. Let it take you back to 1996 (or further) and remind you why you used to love this stuff and maybe why you should start listening to it again.

P.S. If I lived in Hamburg, I'm pretty sure I would also journey to Iceland. 'Cause I like ice.

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