Saturday, March 7, 2009

Julian Lynch - Born 2 Run (Buffalo Songs, 2008)

Julian Lynch - Banana Jam Pt. 2

Great news everybody! I found a cool band you might like! Or rather, he found me, but regardless, I still think you'll like him. You know why? 'Cause he makes good music.

If Julian Lynch lived in Boston, he'd probably get lumped in with the likes of Many Mansions or any of the other acts in that scene we got going on around here. Born 2 Run starts off sounding like it would fit right in with that tropical psychedelic fun-ness. But from then on, each track is (almost) a complete departure from the previous. The second song, "Juicy," sounds like something that a lo-fi experimental Snow Patrol would make for an indie/mainstream film. Then "Caruth" comes on with it's hypnotic bedroom electronics drone and transforms into some lilting Americana.

Seriously, this record is all over the place but in a very good way. Whether it's the fuzzy folk, the organ/synth drones, the psych guitars, or the wobbly electronics I'm all for it. But only because it's remains cohesive. There is a thread that weaves throughout Born 2 Run, holding it all together, making sure it retains that "album" feeling. Sometimes the thread gets pretty thin, though, and may be difficult to find at times but it's definitely there.

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