Tuesday, March 17, 2009

MP3: Rose For Bohdan - Pocahontas' Boyfriend

Rose For Bohdan - Pocahontas' Boyfriend

During the usual meandering around the internet labyrinth, I stumbled upon Rose For Bohdan, a band I didn't know existed (even though they appeared on a compilation I have from GSL). Sadly, I discovered them a bit too late as their last show ever was in 2007. However you can still hear some new material on their last album ever which they just put out called There It Is, The Creeping Moral Decay Of The Past Thousand Years (download for free on Deathbomb Arc). "Pocahontas' Boyfriend" is the choice track and it starts the album off with some intense spazzy noise punk riffage. Pretty sweet stuff, especially the female screecher. I really dig it. Even though I'm not that into the rest of the album, this song is totally boss.

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