Thursday, March 19, 2009

Coralcola - 747 EP (self released, 2009)

Coralcola - Stag Highway

An "EP" that's 37 minutes long? Check. Released on tape? Check. Local electronic music that's really fucking tight? Check.

Coralcola reign from Worcester, MA, which isn't as cool as Boston but much cooler than Springfield and kinda falls right in the middle of them geographically. How a place like Worcester birthed a tape like the 747 EP I'll never know but I think we're all the better for it.

747 is almost exclusively electronic but each song has it's own style. Coralcola and I must be fucking meant for each other or something because I don't think there are many people that would throw all of these different tunes onto one album. "Ouch" is a straightforward dance number that would make the kids go crazy in the club. But that's followed immediately by "Stag Highway" which is a glitchy ambient IDM piece. "It's Always Sunny In Boston" while obviously not true takes it back to the danciness of "Ouch" although this time they added a bit more techno. Don't worry, that's a good thing. And then they finish things off with "Sleep Is For Dreamers" which, if you couldn't guess, is some wonderful soaring drone.

I give Coralcola mad props for being brave enough for being able to make a varied record like the 747 EP while still keeping it consistent. There's only 100 of these babies out there and they're $7. If you're an analog-aphobe, they come with free MP3s (and a button). But if you're feeling like a cheap bastard (and who isn't these days?) you can download this sweet bitch right here.

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