Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Reaching / Ophibre - Répéter Profils

Ophibre - Répéter
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Ophibre and Reaching are two dudes who make noise. Ophibre is one of my local Boston favorites and Reaching is new to me, being introduced to him on this here Répéter Profils split cassette.

Reaching is a relatively new guy but seems to be pretty prolific already. Just take a look at his releases on Discogs. There's about 20 in a year. Not too shabby. You can download a lot of them from this section of Reaching's website. Which I think I should. 'Cause I like what I hear.

Reaching's side, the "Profils" track, is a much darker affair than Ophibre's "Répéter." It walks the line between black ambience and power electronics. There are long stretches of rumbling, stuttering bass with quiet industrial clanging going on somewhere far on the horizon. Or sometimes the bass is forgone and it's just static, like the air is totally still and you're the only one around but you can still hear those machines banging in the distance. It never really gets too loud, nothing that's gonna shred your ears, but it does get pretty scary. There are points when it revs up and starts growling at you like its about to devour you, though. But it growls, you see? Never roars.

Ophibre's track is squirly and all over the place. It's low-key but still crazy. Nothing ever really jumps out at ya. It meanders around in a chaotic way. On average, it sits on the high end of the tonal range keeping you on your toes. Occasionally it'll veer off into the deep end sounding like a machine with a pulse. It's a bit like a stretched out preview for a horror movie, switching back and forth from one thing to another, giving you that unsettling feeling. It works. And I like it.

Apparently there are two versions of this tape, one available from Ophibre's Oph Sound label and one from Reaching's Dirgehead Distribution. I'm not sure of the differences as I only have the Oph Sound release, but Discogs claims the Dirgehead one is untitled. Whatever. All I know is that my tape is spraypainted with "Make It Stone" by Krylon. And that's cool.

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