Monday, March 23, 2009

Indian Jewelry

Indian Jewelry - Cutthroat

I discovered an Indian Jewelry album I didn't know existed (Fake & Cheap) and that just sent me on an IJ kick. All I've listened to today is 4 of their albums in a row. And as utterly fantastic as Free Gold is, I still hold We Are The Wild Beast as the numero uno. That record is fucking tops.

And not for nothin' but these guys haven't hit it nearly as big as they should. They should be as big as fucking Deerhunter or something. They're fuzzy, loopy, psychedelic, tribal, dark and weird as fuck and everything else that's cool right now. I mean, they're like Wavves but better and doing it for longer. So my question to you is... WTF?


Anonymous said...

lol - wtf indeed!

these guys are incredibly funky. Have just discovered your blog through the wonderful world of twitter.

Will be following more.

Happy Travelling
Overland Si

Justin Snow said...

Thanks for the kind words. You have a pretty interesting blog yourself. Good luck with the new wagon.

Kenny Bloggins said...

Love the jam. Love IJ. And though I did enjoy the Wavves album when I first heard it, I totally agree - the record's okay, but so many groups do that type of thing better (Marmoset, Meat Whiplash, IJ, et al.) Hype befuddles me.