Friday, March 6, 2009

Mist - Certain Expansion (Pizza Wagon, 2009)

Mist - Untitled (Side A)
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I'm pretty sure most people have at least heard the name Emeralds before but I guess it doesn't really matter either way. Mist is Mist, not Emeralds, even if half of Mist is also in Emeralds.

Certain Expansion is a very limited edition tape (100 copies) that takes an aspect of Emeralds (in this case, synthesizers) and just fucking runs away with it. Mist is pretty much all synth. Sweet bubbly synth. None of this new fangled crystal clear dance synth, though. Expansion sounds like it was played by a couple of dudes who grew up listening to way too much Moroder and decided to make a warped drone album using a couple of synths they found in the back of a run down pawn shop.

I know it's lame to use the name of the album (or band) as a descriptor for the music but fuck it. This is some seriously mind expanding shit. If this was just a little less New Age and a little more ass kicking maybe it could have been used at the end of 2001 when Dave is trippin bawlz through some wormhole or whatever.

P.S. I like big images and the only decent one I could find wasn't the actual album cover but whatever. You probably care about as much as I do.

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