Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bit.Trip Beat

Wellll fuck. There goes my idea. Aksys developed a game that Gaijin published and it's pretty much EXACTLY WHAT I WOULD HAVE MADE IF I EVER MADE VIDEO GAMES. But I guess since I don't make video games, it's best that Aksys made Bit.Trip Beat.

Here's the gist, which is very simple. 8 bit music + rhythm game + Pong = Bit.Trip Beat. Little blocks float from right to left and you bounce them off your little rectangle (controlled by rotating the Wii remote) in time with the beat. Super simple, super genius, super fucking awesome.

The game looks & sounds amazing. The music is ace and the visuals are a total eye fuck which helps make the game a bit (heh) more challenging. The crazy meteors and comets flying through the background make the beat blocks more difficult to see and add to the general sense of spaciness.

The game is available only on the Wii as a download from WiiWare. It's 6 bucks and if you have a Wii, you suck if you don't buy this. And if you don't have a Wii? Well, now you have every reason in the world to buy one. Check out the videos below of me playing through the first level and as far as I can get into the second. There's only 3 levels which is a little weak but if I can't get through the second then I guess it's not too much of a problem.

Level 1

Level 2


Anonymous said...

Wow. Thank god I don't have a Wii anymore. This game would destroy my life. Very cool idea to have come up with independently, Justin.

Too bad you couldn't make the Video Game Orchestra gig. It was actually pretty spectacular. They play the music totally straight, which is cool in its own way, but I'd like to see them incorporate technology - even 8-bit stuff like this - into future performances.

Here's the Phoenix review if you haven't seen it.

Marilyn Roxie said...

Wow, this is quite cool- it would be interesting if this idea was expanded upon. By the way, Justin, I have just stumbled across your blog and I'm loving the music you've been featuring here;! :)
~Marilyn Roxie

Justin Snow said...

Yeah, this game has pretty much all I've been playing lately. It's taking up waaaaay too much of my time. I'm bummed I missed that VGO but I think I'm going to be heading to Berklee next Thursday for that Eclipse cello performance. It sounds pretty cool.

Thanks for the kind words Marilyn. I really appreciate it. I do kinda wish the game was a little more involved but I'm sure if it does well enough they might do something more with it.