Friday, March 27, 2009

MP3: A Broken Consort - The Elder Lie

A Broken Consort - The Elder Lie

A Broken Consort is a man from the UK by the name of Richard Skelton. I know what you're probably thinking. "Oooh, a one man band on AGB. This is either gonna be a some crazy noise or a guy making lots of guitar loops." Well, you're wrong. For the most part. I guess A Broken Consort might be leaning towards the latter. Yes, a guitar is used (I think), but there's also strings. Lots and lots of strings. I get the feeling that A Broken Consort listens to a lot of Stars Of The Lid, Hauschka, Max Richter, and Lichens. This is a thickly layered minimal drone affair that's absolutely fucking gorgeous. The layers and layers of strings are mesmerizing, flowing seamlessly into one another, making it feel like it's all one instrument being played. "The Elder Lie" will be on Box Of Birch, which will be available April 28th digitally and on CD & vinyl from Tompkins Square.

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fucking beautiful.