Sunday, November 16, 2008

Millipede - Hyrule

Millipede - Mirror Of Twilight

I'm crying right now knowing I'll never own a copy of this. Hyrule is Millipede's (aka Joseph Davenport) amazing and currently free for download noise homage to Zelda. There have been a total of 50 copies made up (originally 20 on CD-R, then 30 on cassette) but everything's way beyond sold out. Doesn't mean you can't listen to it, though. You can download the whole thing right here. Legally.

Hyrule contains songs with names like "Midna" and "Mirror Of Twilight" but you won't find any covers of video game music here. Instead, Millipede uses the Zelda games as inspiration to create totally bitchin noise records. But noise is a pretty generic term these days. I know. So what kind of noise does Millipede make? It's something along the lines of Yellow Swans (close to the end of their career) and really harsh My Bloody Valentine. Then throw in some Skullflower for good measure. It's mostly feedback laden guitar squalls but (like all good music) has additional layers of beauty unfurling underneath the nightmare.

Regardless of whether or not Millipede makes Zelda themed music, the results are nonetheless stellar. Because truthfully, you could listen to this and never hear anything remotely Zelda related unless you read the song or album titles. But knowing that I'm listening to a noise record called Hyrule just makes it that much better. I just wish I had some sort of Zelda-noise-radar that alerted me to when this was originally released.

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