Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Circusbreaker - Objective Facts Concering Destruction

Circusbreaker - City Connection

In my never-ending search for cool blogs, I found OngakuBaka, which happens to have pretty good taste in music and updates frequently (a rare thing, let me tell you). The writers, Dan and Steve, seem like regular dudes like me. Guys who listen to lots of music and like to write about it. But then there was a post about Circusbreaker and it turns out that's the name Dan records under. So a guy who writes for a blog I read makes music. Cool. The thing is, it's not shitty music. It's not even just halfway decent music. It's actually really fucking good. And I say that not because I was expecting it to be bad, but just because it came out of nowhere and took me completely by surprise.

Objective Facts Concerning Destruction would give a regular person a fucking migraine. It's loud-as-shit glitchy electronic dance noise. To start, think about "Total Recovery Is Possible" by Kid606. That song is genius because it starts out all crazy and chaotic and free-form, but then he slides this beat in and before you know it, it's the number 1 dance jam in America. So Circusbreaker makes music like that except he mixes in a ton of Lightning Bolt, Wolf Eyes, and Dev/Null.

"Each track is inspired by my favorite and most-played NES games of my childhood, and my current noisy interpretation of their gameplay." I'd say this is more along the lines of Millipede-type inspiration as opposed to The Advantage-type inspiration. Not much on here sounds inherently video-gamey, with the exception of being electronic based. Not that that's a problem. As with Millipede, just knowing that what I'm listening to was inspired by, say, Micro Machines or Bubble Bobble, is enough for me.

I've been listening to Objective Facts almost non stop since I downloaded it and it gets better with each listen. It satisfies so many moods at the same time. I get my glitch, noise, and dance fix all at once. And the best part? It's free!


OngakubakaDan said...

hey man. thank you so much for the review. it's good to know that there's some people out there who hear it the way i do. physical copies aren't really in existence yet, but i'm hoping to get it pressed on vinyl. i'm just curious to see how many might be interested. thanks again.

Nick said...

"... good taste in music and updates frequently" = a good way to describe AGB. Nice work keeping this place so constantly interesting, updated... and full of Nintendo music references.

Speaking of NES, I downloaded Ghosts and Goblins on Saturday. It's still as mind-bogglingly difficult as it was when I was a kid - almost threw my controller at the screen several times.

Also played Super Castlevania IV for the first time. The music was surprisingly lame - all the spooky haunted house stuff was replaced by tuneless, jazzy noodlings.

Justin Snow said...

Thanks, Nick. I appreciate that.

Ghosts & Goblins is one of the hardest games ever. I don't think I've ever even made it to the third level.

As much as I love video games, I've never actually played any of the Castlevania games. They seem pretty cool to me now, but back when I was a kid they just didn't appeal to me. I think it's high time I try one out. But not that new fighting one for the Wii.

Anonymous said...

glitch is tha way!