Monday, December 8, 2008

Soplerfo - EP For Dogs

Soplerfo - Tame Nodes

Soplerfo is Sam Brelsfoard, a musician from Medford, MA (local flava!) and EP For Dogs was originally a 3" CD-R, repressed on 12" vinyl with a couple added tracks (including a Hrvatski remix). Right now, it's available digitally for free from Soplerfo's website along with a few other freebies.

For reasons I'm unaware of, Soplerfo's music is really difficult for me to describe. Maybe it's just the nature of his music. If you had to pigeonhole it, you could probably call it ambient electronic because it's quiet and, umm, electronic. It's pretty experimental with lots of laptop glitchiness but never to the point of breakcore. Oooo, that just made me think of ambient breakcore. Shit, I need to hear some of that. If it doesn't exist already, it should.

Anyway, this is really good stuff. I know there's tons of ambient electronic music floating around out there but this is special. Soplerfo is a unique craftsman and worthy of (at the very least) a thorough listening. If you're interested, there are still a couple copies of the 12" available at various online retailers (Mimaroglu!).


sam said...

Hey, thanks for the kind words - glad you dig it.

Nick said...

Thanks for posting - that actually made me think of "Gemini" at first. Been checking out the other tracks on Really nice stuff - "i want cookies in my sleep" is my favorite so far - love the synths that come in at the end.

Justin Snow said...

Yeah, "I Want Cookies In My Sleep" is another one of my favorites. Totally great track.