Thursday, December 18, 2008

Catch Of The Week: Fuck Christmas Music

Man, I hate commercial Christmas music. Enough already. Please. I just heard a funk version of "Santa Clause Is Coming To Town" and I wanted to kill myself. So I play music like this instead.

Marnie Stern - Steely (from This Is It...)

Marnie Stern and Zach Hill should just get married already. Their music is so alike it's uncanny. And then their babies would make the most spastic mathy drum rock ever. It'll be great! "Steely" is one of my faves from the infinitely long This Is It.... It has a killer riff and the lyrics are so catchy. "Tell me your name! This is no accident!" ""I'm like a raging animation. I wonder what it's like to be one." "I'm hoping it's true! I'm hoping for you!" That whole chorus is nuts. I love it.

Hot Lava - Mummy Beach (from Lavalogy)

I posted the video for Hot Lava's "Brainex" about a month ago and while that song is super catchy, it can't compare to the sheer campy horror ridiculousness of "Mummy Beach." It's a song about a beach with mummies on it. "We got mummies at the beach. Mummies! We got mummies in the sand. Mummies! We got mummies in the souvenir shop. Why won't they stop? They'll never stop." The lyrics are amazing. Whatever songs you planned on writing about mummies? Forget about it. They'll never be cooler than this.

Rainbo Video - Xenoglossy 17 (unreleased...maybe?)

Hey, this song is pretty cool. Dancey electro club stuff. I can get my groove on to this. Wait... Is that..? Holy shit. He just sampled Duncan Sheik. And it's good? Bravo Rainbo Video. Bravo.


Champagne said...

Maybe that was James Brown, but I don't think its on the album I upped.
I love christmas songs though no matter how cheesey, its the one time of year when I can sing shitty music without being ironic or anything.
There's a song on the james brown album called "santa claus go straight to the ghetto" which is totally incredible.

Christine said...

I have to agree with Champagne. I love Christmas music. C'mon Justin *Peppermint Stick Parade* - gotta love Bobby Vinton :o) (or perhaps that Bobby Vinton Christmas album is why you feel the way you do today :o)