Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Doctor Octoroc - 8-Bit Jesus

Doctor Octoroc - The Legend Of Noel

What's that you say? It's December and you're still not in the Christmas spirit? What's the matter with you!? Oh, I know. You don't have the proper holiday tunes to get you in the mood. Well, I have just the antidote!

Well, actually Doctor Octoroc is the one providing the remedy. 8-Bit Jesus is the first half of the forthcoming full length of the same name and it's exactly what you need. It's 8-bit Christmas music, with each song paying homage to a different video game. Doc Oc does an amazing job of making the songs sound like the traditional carols while still evoking that uniqueness of the games of Christmas past.

While 8-Bit Jesus is fun and all, it unfortunately feels a little too gimmicky. I mean, I know I'll never listen to this after the 25th. It doesn't have much staying power. But I guess with a name like 8-Bit Jesus you shouldn't really expect too much. Quick, go download it before 2009! Don't worry, it's free (for now).

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