Monday, December 1, 2008

MP3: Wixel - Zaventem

Wixel - Zaventem (from Heart)

Indietronics? That's a new one on me. Regardless, it's pretty fitting for the Belgian Wixel. They're indie (both in terms of genre and how popular they are) and they use lots of electronics. So there ya go. Indietronics. "Zaventem" sounds like it could be a side project of The Album Leaf with the whole piano/electronics thing. But there's also hints of Fennesz, Explosions, and some Xiu Xiu as well. Not a bad combo. So here you have a song that is super chill and beautiful with a little noisiness but still something that I have a hard time distancing from The Album Leaf. It's really good but TAL is really good too. I'd say Wixel is perfect for those days when you've played through all your favorite Album Leaf records and are still jonesin for more.

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