Thursday, December 4, 2008

Scuzzz Rock

Seems to be the thing everyone's into nowadays. Obviously there's No Age and Abe Vigoda and all those other bands who hail from California but I'm goin' even deeper with the scuz. I'm talking about the bands where calling them lo-fi is an understatement. Where the fuzz and reverb totally obscures everything else. Vocals are barely distinguishable from the guitars or anything else. It all smears together into one blown out rock fest. And I gotta admit, it's pretty fun.

Wavves - Wavves (from Wavves)

Wavves has been making lots of waves in ze bloogs lately. LOL. Sorry. I had to. Anyway, they had a 7" that sold out instantly and then a tape that was out of print quicker than you can say hipster music nerd. The tape was self titled (fine) but sadly the best song is also self titled (now you're just being a douche bag). So, disregarding the triple dose of extra letters, "Wavves" is a totally awesome song. It's like Zach Hill doing a cover of the Smurfs theme but completely drenched in reverb. It's the fucking best.

Ty Segall - Pretty Baby (You're So Ugly) (from Ty Segall)

Ty Segall is another dude from California (surprise) with super catchy lo-fi punk psychedlic garage rock. And...uh, it's good. He has a cool album cover.

Mayyors - Airplanes (from Megan's LOLZ)

There is almost zero information about Mayyors (wtf chill out with extra letters) on the internets. They don't have a web site or MySpace page, they don't do MP3s, promotions, interviews, nothin'. They have two 7"s, Megan's LOLZ and Marines Dot Com LP, and they're both pretty cool. They're a bit more punk than the rest of these bands but no less scuzzy. They also seem to be doing more of their own thing and less like following some hip trend. Aaaaand they also have a super awesome album cover.

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Nick said...

That Waves tune is pretty cool. Funny you mention the Smurfs - the whistling in "Race-In" by Battles always made me think of that theme song.