Monday, December 29, 2008


Hum - Sundress (Demo)

I've raved about Hum in the past. I just fuckin' love 'em to death. Can't get enough of their epic space rock. They're one of the bands that I would kill to see reunite and tour a bit. Oh wait. What's that? They are reuniting!? Fuck me. That's some of the best news I've heard all year. OH. Right. They're only playing one show. In Chicago. Fuck that.

Well, there's two bits of good news. One is that the idea of them getting together and playing a show is not completely out of the question. So maybe an actual tour is in the works? I hope so.

Second bit of good news is that this lead me to their website where I found of bunch of free EPs and such. Sweet! I'd already heard the Hello Kitty 7" but there's also the Puppets 7", Sundress 7", and Stars EP, which was only released in the UK. I've bundled those four up into a zip file that you can download right here.

They're all awesome and if you're a fan of Hum they're pretty much mandatory. There's a couple of live tracks and some demos and videos as well. I recommend heading over and downloading everything they have to prepare for the forthcoming Hum World Tour Of World Domination*.

*Hum World Tour Of World Domination has not yet been planned by the band.

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