Monday, December 15, 2008

Built By Snow - MEGA

Built By Snow - Implode Alright

Built By Snow - Invaders

Built By Snow make sweet sweet indie pop that makes me wish I wore glasses. They're the geek rock stars that are super cool. So cool, that their press kit is in 3D, glasses included! I totally wanna be their friends.

MEGA is a short but super dense record that's ridiculously catchy. Tons of fun electronics, keyboards, hand claps, the works. Imagine if Weezer made more electronic sounding music. Or a dudier and nerdier Matt & Kim. It's not the most unique sound in the world but it's no less fantastic and Built By Snow do it really well.

This is another one of those records that just makes me really happy whenever it's on. It's full of energy and it's light-hearted. Nothing on the album is too serious, even when some of the songs are about girls. They're able to write dorky love songs while incorporating lyrics about math, science, and video games. It's like twee-pop nerdcore. And that's just awesome.

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yeaahh yeaah BBS Ruleess!!^^