Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bronson - Waste Creeps

Bronson - Rocket Launcher

It's a pretty simple premise. Charles Bronson played Paul Kersey in the movie Death Wish. Then some guy who can do a mostly terrible impression of Bronson as Paul Kersey decides to make a record. As Paul Kersey. The confusing part to me is that the "band" is Bronson, the actor, but everything on Waste Creeps is clearly about Kersey in Death Wish.

Waste Creeps is easily one of the weirdest records I own. Not only is the concept strange but the music itself is fucking off the wall. It's some kinda punk but intentionally played poorly. And Bronson doesn't sing. It's more like spoken word. About creeps. And wasting them. It's filled with lyrics like "There's only so much I can do. I can't kill every creep. Though I'd like to." and song titles like "Punk Rock Creeps," "What Do You Do When Your Son Is A Creep," and "Beaurocratic Rat Fuck."

I'm not quite sure if I'd label this as a novelty record or not. I mean, sometimes it's hilarious and fucking awful (musically) but then a song like "Rocket Launcher" comes on and it's all dirgey and rocking and I think to myself, maybe this is really good stuff. But I can never decide. Maybe I'm over-thinking it. Just take it at face value.

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