Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sweet Vinyl Goodness

I'm back from visiting my family and I return with a new turntable. Despite the cripplingly small nature of our apartment, I still need to collect music in all of it's glorious analog and digital ways. Tapes, CDs, and vinyl all have their special place in my heart and now, NOW! I can transfer my record collection of new and old with the Audio Technica AT-LP2D USB Turntable. Thanks Mom!

As we speak, Hototogisu & Burning Star Core's self titled collaboration on Yik Yak is making it's way from vinyl to iPod. Soon to be followed is the recent purchase of Black Moth Super Rainbow's burnt bacon scented Scratch-N-Sniff Drippers 10".

I didn't get to listen to too much new music over the holidays, so it might be a bit before I start posting any reviews. But I also received a gift card to Aquarius Records. I've been home for less than a day and it's already spent. Some good stuff is coming my way and I'll be sure to let you all know how awesome it is. Until then, I'll be digitizing as quickly as this turntable allows.


Aaron said...

I've raided my parents' record collection and will be returning to Boston with more John Denver than I care to admit. I will listen to every track happily though.

Unfortunately, my record player does not have that magical USB port.

Regardless, sounds like you took in a good haul.

Steve said...

i might have to bring over some vinyl next time i am over (maybe thursday?). the real reason why i am posting a comment right now is because the verification word is "soreones"