Wednesday, March 12, 2008


In The Soup
A weird pseudo film-noir absurd comedy with Steve Buscemi and Seymour Cassel. I enjoyed it. I laughed a bit. A bit slow at times but there are definitely moments of greatness. Such as when Seymour is watching Steve try to learn the Cha Cha. Good stuff.

The King Of Kong: A Fistful Of Quarters
If you really needed one more person to recommend this movie, then I'll do it. It's fun. Even if you don't care about video games (such as my wife), it's still interesting because the characters are just so, well, full of character. It's worth watching at least once.

I've seen this before, and actually own it, but Elise hadn't seen it yet so we watched again the other night. The second time around, I definitely noticed more flaws, but I also noticed much more subtleties. It's kind of like watching The Sixth Sense again. You notice all of the signs of things about to go awry. And Michael Shannon is really great for the most part. There are times when he overdoes it a little bit but otherwise he does a good job.

The Painted Veil
This was shoot-me-in-the-head boring. Elise needed an old fashioned love story and this was the only time in 7 years that she's ever requested such a thing. So I obliged. I thought to myself, "I like Edward Norton, I definitely like Naomi Watts. This can't be that bad." And it wasn't. If you're my grandmother. The beautiful cinematography only went so far. Lets just hope Elise doesn't get these urges anymore.

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