Monday, March 31, 2008

Fully Flared

Fully Flared looks like a skate video. Or something. From skate shoemakers Lakai. In case you didn't see this on Pitchfork, this video is the opening credits to Fully Flared, with slo-mo skaters set to M83's Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun. I'm really not into skate videos but hey, if they have bitchin soundtracks I just might change my mind.

M83 starts touring North America on May 20 and comes to Boston on June 2 at the Middle East Downstairs.


justin paszul said...

What do you think of M83's new album? I really enjoy it, and can't wait for the show in June. Gonna be a synthtastic time.

Justin Snow said...

I really enjoyed seeing his ambient side on Digital Shades. I liked it but in a very different way than the rest of his stuff. It was more like Aphex Twin than anything else. But if you're talking about his new one, Saturdays = Youth, that comes out on April 15th, then I haven't heard it yet. And I most certainly am looking forward to the show. It's going to be awesome.