Saturday, March 22, 2008

Psyopus at Church

I went to the Church last night in Boston, which is the new name of the restaurant/club previously known as Linwood right by Fenway. It was my first time going there and two things I noticed right off the bat. One, they had an actual stage so it gave gave the feeling of a venue more than I thought it would. And two, the first band wasn't very loud at all. I found out that apparently any time a band plays before 10, they keep the volume a bit lower because the restaurant is still open. Kinda lame. Also lame? The $15 cover. After perusing the Church's website, I found that that was the most expensive show they've had. Or at least are having within the next month or two. It also sucks that there's no parking anywhere because it's all residential. Unless you want to pay to park in a lot.

Anyway, I went with my friend to see Psyopus. It took us forever to find a place to park so by the time we got there, the first band was already playing. Your average local hardcore/metal band. I can't really remember anything about them, actually. Then Psyopus came on and kicked ass. The guitar player is crazy. Most of the time he plays just by tapping. He must have had his whammy bar really souped up or something because he would just tap and use the bar to make these cool noises. For the most part, their on-stage-presence was enthusiastic enough but they weren't going insane or anything. But then during the last song, the singer runs and launches himself into the thin crowd (I'm talking at least 1 to 2 feet between every person thin). I saw my friend Johnny shit his pants as this guy comes flying towards him. It was like he was aiming for right for Johnny, it was hilarious.

We ended up only sticking around to hear a couple of songs by the next band, Howl, which was terribly boring metal (but the girl was actually playing guitar!). I wouldn't really recommend Church unless you need to go. As for Psyopus, though, check them out the next chance you get. It's worth it.

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