Sunday, March 9, 2008

Erik Svedang

I saw a recent article on Kotaku that mentioned a game called Blueberry Garden. I watched the trailer and really enjoyed it. This is the trailer that I saw...

The creator's name is Erik Svedang and you can check out his blog here. He made a post called "A Story From The Blueberry Garden" that is as follows

The birds and the party hats were living their peaceful lives at separate sides of the tower.

One day the birds decided to move to the other side of the tower where the party hats had their home. Since the birds could fly they ate all the blueberries before the party hats could reach them.

Now the party hats are dead.

That may or may not be the plot for the game, there's no further explanation of the story. But, a beautiful game that's depressing as hell? Count me in. It's planned to be released this summer on PCs.

He also created a game called Flipside Of The Divine that looks to be really fun and probably a pretty challenging. There's a beta out for it now, available here, but it's only for PCs so I sadly can't participate. If you give it a whirl, let me know what you think. Here's the trailer...

This guy seems to have some really great ideas and it's great that he's making games. I hope eventually he'll do some cross-platform (ie Mac) stuff so I can get a taste of the action.

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