Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Explorers Club

Some people like The Beach Boys. Some people love The Beach Boys. And then there's The Explorers Club. They've gone above and beyond. It's kind of like a Beach Boys cover band that got bored and decided to write their own songs. On their MySpace page, they obviously list "The Beach Boys" under as an influence (and they also put "zombies" for some reason, which is definitely odd) and under "Sounds Like" they put "Sunshine." I guess if you had to compare them to something other than The Beach Boys, sunshine is the next closest thing.

Right now, they only have two songs available to listen to on their MySpace and Virb pages. The good news is their single for Do You Love Me comes out as a 7" on April 8 with a different song as the B-side. The bad news is their full length, Freedom Wind, doesn't come out until May 20th. I guess I'll just listen to more Beach Boys in the meantime.

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argylewhale said...

oooooh. you're bloggin' at work. Tsk Tsk!