Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Frightened Rabbit and Bodies Of Water at The Middle East

Frightened Rabbit photo taken by Jalapeno

Bodies Of Water photo taken by Aaron Miller

Last night Frightened Rabbit and Bodies Of Water played at The Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge. It was a fantastic show. The crowd was a bit thin when FR went on and there didn't seem to be too many people that were really into it. Except for one guy that I think was a friend of the band's or something. He was a bit crazy. But I obviously understand because their music is great. Almost the whole of their set was songs from their new record, The Midnight Organ Fight (due out April 15 on FatCat), with the exception of Be Less Rude and The Greys. They finished with The Greys and it was a really cool extended version. All of the new stuff they played sounded really good and I look forward to MOF. They sold pre-orders at the show. For $12, you received a sealed air mail envelope with a letter inside that gives you an e-mail address and a coupon code. Send them your info and voilĂ , you get the CD a week early in the mail. Sounds good to me.

Bodies Of Water surprised me. Not really in a good or bad way, more in a neutral way, I guess. Their music is...unique. I can't really describe it. For the most part, it's fun, and a little Westerny, with more "Oooooohs" than actual lyrics, which I like because that means it's easier for me to sing along. They definitely have an original sound and I recommend checking out their MySpace page to give them a listen. They played well and I enjoyed it enough to want to listen to it some more (quite the opposite of how I felt about Howl the other night). Their CD, Ears Will Pop & Eyes Will Blink, was first released on Thousand Tongues but they just signed to Secretly Canadian and it's being reissued by them now. Bodies Of Water has also mostly finished their new record, A Certain Feeling, and they say it should be out in a few months.

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