Monday, January 5, 2009

Cat & Bird Hospital - Noise Thriller

Cat & Bird Hospital - The Lady In My Life
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Cat & Bird Hospital - secret track
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Cat & Bird Hospital is Greg Greg Nixon and Jacob Bird Hospital (aka the Staplefied Jacob Berendes). Noise Thriller is a Thriller cover record. The main difference between this and other cover records is that this one is god awful.

This is a really weird record. For the most part, these are songs I won't ever listen to more than once or twice. "The Lady In My Life" is a solid song, as is "Human Nature," "Baby Be Mine," and "P.Y.T." Not much else, though. It's similar to Bronson's Waste Creeps in that they're both purposefully bad and funny because of it but Creeps actually has songs that you might enjoy listening too repeatedly. Thriller is the exact opposite.

I guess it's possible that it's supposed to be more of a "comedy" record than a "music" record. In that case, Noise Thriller is damn funny. Especially the "secret track" which is just Berendes laughing his ass off as he attempts to cover "Billie Jean." Also funny? The descriptions given before each track saying what the song is about. "Thriller is a scary song, but it's not that scary."

Everyone has at some point gotten together with a friend or two and made some stupid silly songs. Then maybe they'll throw it up online for others to listen to and laugh at. Cat & Bird Hospital aren't charging anything for Noise Thriller, you can download it for free on the Fujichia website. So is it really that bad? It's free, it's funny, and it's Jacob Berendes singing Michael Jackson songs. And strangely enough, despite all of the negativity in this review, I really like Noise Thriller.

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