Friday, January 16, 2009

Nathan Bell - @2640

Nathan Bell - Moonsblood

I must be on a Lungfish member solo album kick or something (see Zomes). The weird thing is, I've never really listened to Lungfish. I've heard them in passing but I don't have any of their albums. And I kinda don't think I could possibly like Lungfish as much as I like these solo "side projects."

Nathan Bell is the bassist for Lungfish, but @2640 doesn't have a single bass in site. In fact, there's only one instrument played on the whole record: the mighty banjo. Bell turns out to be an expert banjo plucker.

@2640 was recorded live in a Baltimore church, so the open space really allows the lo-fi banjo to reverberate out all over the place. But just because this is a banjo affair doesn't mean it's a country record. Far from it. It's more of a... I dunno. It's a banjo record. The banjo has a sound all it's own and @2640 captures it.

I don't think it helps that I'm kind of a sucker for banjos (and organs) but regardless, Nathan Bell really managed to take a common instrument and make magical hypnotic music with it. @2640 is a great little album (key word there being little, it's just over 12 minutes long) that has earned it's place in my collection as one of my favorite "single instrument" records.

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