Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Late Young - Nativity

Late Young - Suez Canal

Late Young are a San Franciscan trio consisting of two dudes I know nothing about (Olivier and Gaiser) and one dude who I kinda sorta would like to maybe marry a little bit. That would be Andrew from super awesome, totally blown out, one man metal pop machine The Mausoleums. He's the recently acquired drummer for Late Young and that absolutely ensures I will listen to their records at the very least until he's no longer a member.

Late Young definitely don't fit into any one specific sound style, they have something all their own. Nativity sounds like an indie rock, industrial, psychedelic, punk, black metal band made it. The guitars buzz like some of the best BM records and it's dark, haunting, melancholic, and pretty darn scary. But then there's some stuff that throws you off, like the drumming. Sometimes it kind of sounds like what you'd hear on an Animal Collective album. And do I sense some New Wave? Yeah, I think I do. The vocals are far away and tired, but intensely passionate. Throw it all together and you have yourself one killer fucking record.

Nativity is pretty rad. It receives my praise with the only criticism being that it's too goddamn short. 4 songs? Really? And not even like 4 long songs. No, we're talking shit that doesn't even total 15 minutes. But it's all they got for now, so I'll take it. You can download the entirety of Nativity at Late Young's website. I still recommend buying it, though, because the packaging is boss and it's wicked cheap. So you don't really have an excuse.

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