Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jonas Reinhardt - Jonas Reinhardt

Jonas Reinhardt - How To Adjust People

Kranky is a unique record label. They're big but still "indie" and they release some pretty experimental stuff. Everyone knows 'em and there a a handful of bands on Kranky that get a ton of attention. I'm talking about bands like Deerhunter, Windy & Carl, Stars Of The Lid, all those major stars. But Kranky releases a lot of records and I know a bunch of them get overlooked because everyone's so excited about the new ______ record. Well, Jonas Reinhardt's self titled debut is the newest Kranky release to slip under the radar that deserves some praise.

Jonas Reinhardt
is stuffed full of analog synth soundscapes. Every song has it's own different mood, some are like Tangerine Dream or Cluster and others are more like Goblin. But it all fits together nicely in a solid and cohesive album that's entirely it's own sound, despite the strong influences. To cite the obvious but very relevant cliche, there are many songs on here that not only would fit well in a film soundtrack, but remind me of very specific soundtracks. The problem is, I just can't remember which soundtracks they remind me of. No matter. You understand what I'm trying to say. Don't you?

Regardless of your understanding of whatever it is I'm trying to tell you, know this: you should add Jonas Reinhardt to your collection and put his name on the list of future Kranky releases to get excited about.


Anonymous said...

Hey Justin,

1) There is an error in the stream (dl works fine).

2) I dig it.

3) I love the art and immediately makes me want it on vinyl.


Justin Snow said...

Thank for the tip. I think the stream should be working now. The art on this one is fantastic, certainly worthy of a purchase. Sadly, I don't think they pressed it on vinyl.