Saturday, January 3, 2009

Celebrity Bros

This has been bugging me. Like, forever. I knew Dan Friel, aka Mr. Parts & Labor man, author of the Ghost Town, electronic mayhem wizard, looked familiar. Lo and behold, a late night viewing of the comedy classic about highway shenanigans Super Troopers brought to my attention just who Friel reminded me of. Paul Soter. The one who gets with the hot cop. So here's my theory. These guys are real life bros. I'm not talking identical twins or nothing (that's gay), I'm just saying Soter's mom and dad were also Friel's mom and dad. Come on guys, back me up on this one.

Soter photo via The Sampler, Friel photo via Pooneh


Nick said...

"Meow, I'm gonna have to give you a ticket on this one. No buts meow. It's the law."

Justin Snow said...