Thursday, January 22, 2009

Avsolutized - Towards... You There

Avsolutized - Towards...

Avsolutized - The Ensemble Reign

OH sweet Jesus. This is some seriously fucked black metal. Japan's Avsolutized made this little tape and it's fucking intense.

Towards... You There opens with the craziest falsetto shrieks like some sort of ape is fronting the band. Then it drops into some super gravelly demon vocals, kicks it back up to the high end once more, then all hell breaks loose. This is blasting, buzzing, and furious black metal and I love every minute of it.

The music itself isn't the most original I've heard but that doesn't make it bad. It's still totally amazing and the singer just takes it over the edge. And it's just so ferocious. The end of "Towards..." and the start of "The Ensemble Reign" are fucking unstoppable.

I just wish there were more than these two songs. A one sided tape makes me feel a little cheated, even when it's as densely packed with awesomeness as Towards... You There is. But it's cheap as shit and totally worth it... if it's not already sold out. Highly recommended.


k. krusete said...

thanks! i've been so bored with black metal lately. this album is great.

Justin Snow said...

If you're looking for more, you should do a search on my blog for "black metal." I like to think I've written about a lot of pretty great stuff.