Friday, January 23, 2009

Mi Ami - Watersports

Mi Ami - The Man In Your House

Would you pronounce Mi Ami as "me-ahm-ee" or like the Floridian drug capital? I'm kinda leaning towards the former but that might just be because of the space in the name. Maybe they're trying to throw everyone off with the space, though, and they just pronounce it like the city. I don't know. These 3 Cali bros can say Mi Ami however they like, I'll still listen to Watersports.

Watersports falls under the "I never thought I'd like this" category. Something about it just feels so right, though; I feel so good when I listen to it. I guess it's possible my tastes are shifting because I didn't think I'd like El Guincho and I ended up loving Alegranza! The whole tropical infused thing might be persuading my otherwise winter loving sensibilities.

Watersports has a bit of the hot climate sound but instead of creating straight up dance jams like El Guincho, Mi Ami take the funky noise punk approach. Kind of like if Ponytail were from California (or Miami) instead of Baltimore. Not to say this isn't danceable, though, far from it. Watersports is Animal Collective dancey, in a super primal way. The songs are full of rhythmic energy, with No Wave guitars, tribal drums, and borderline-annoying whiny vocals. It's totally chaotic and all over the place schizo. Screaming, yelping, funky bass grooves, nasty guitar shredding, some chill moments coupled with complete mayhem.

Each listen of Watersports yields more desire to listen to it again. It's definitely a grower, but not so much in the way that it takes a while to enjoy but that I love it more every time I hear it. Mi Ami have a really fun aesthetic that ensures I will not miss them when they come to PA's Lounge on February 13th. You can just tell that they put on a killer live show.

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