Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Millipede - Full Bloom (Install, 2010)

Millipede - Full Bloom

Millipede is back with another dose of beautiful steel wool guitar noise on Install. To tell you the truth, it's hard to notice many differences between the new Full Bloom and his previous albums. I'm not just being a noise condenser, either. Millipede has a very specific sound and if you make 7 or 8 albums worth of it, I supposed it might become difficult to continue innovating. That being said, is Full Bloom worthy of your time? Hell fucking yes.

Millipede has got it made. He can keep putting out albums of caustic feedback and I'll listen to and love every last one. The intricately dense abrasive layers are endlessly enjoyable. There's so much to listen for and decipher. I could spend hours figuring out if it's a single guitar blown WAY the fuck out or a dozen acid spewing axes, hearing shapeless mourning voices, waiting for the next wave of crumbling corrosion to scrub my ear canals and peel the paint off my walls.

I suppose I should mention, as I do in almost every Millipede review, that Skullflower and Yellow Swans are some big soundalikes, along with hints of Brian Grainger and My Bloody Valentine. But regardless of how many times I write about Millipede, no matter how many albums he puts out or how frequently you listen to him, one thing is certain. Every time you hit play, you need to blur your eyes and crank your speakers until they bleed. Make it fucking LOUD.

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