Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kyle Bobby Dunn - Rural Route No. 2 (Standard Form, 2010)

Kyle Bobby Dunn - Dissonant Distances

Standard Form put out a limited edition 3" CD-R from the new master of minimal drone, Kyle Bobby Dunn. Only two songs, "Dissonant Distances" & "Senium III," but they're both around the 10 minute mark and are as gorgeous as can be. Of course "Dissonant Distances" has its moments of, well, dissonance, using a strange sort of muted industrial ambience. It's a bit more textured than his previous stuff, a little more static & crackle as opposed to smothered strings. Not what I was expecting and in a very awesome way.

The second track is the slow moving Stars Of The Lid style drone you've come to know & love. Soft, delicate, and smooth, anything but ambient background sounds. The layers of beauty suck you in & hypnotize you. Lovely tones emanating off the golden lakes in the clouds. Seriously special stuff.

I almost hope Dunn isn't going the route of Aidan Baker, putting out 30 releases every year because honestly, I can't do that with another artist who's this good. It's bound to either empty my wallet or put me in a deep funk knowing I can't have it all. Most likely the former.

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