Tuesday, July 20, 2010

7 Hours, 53 Minutes Of Vacuum Cleaner Sounds

SO MANY QUESTIONS. Did someone actually record 7 hours and 53 minutes of vacuum cleaner sounds? Did they go deaf? Did they just set up a mic and walk away? How much money was wasted on electricity? Has anyone listened to the entire thing? If somebody made these sounds in a different way (not using vacuum cleaners) and set it up as a sound installation and maybe even released it on a fat slab-o-wax, would you respect it any more than you do now?

via Immanent Discursivity / Noise For Airports


Steve said...

whoever made this has the cleanest house ever

Anonymous said...

total unqualified respect! this is a TRIUMPH. Allan Kaprow did something liken to this with floor waxing units during the 1970s. Hooray! Everyone ought to have this on hand. Every iPod needs it.

George O'Jungle said...

Nice!! My only complaint might be in the lack of spatial variation though I have not listened to it in its entirety.
But if one needs their vacuum fix or are feeling guilty about neglecting housework, this is pretty cool.