Friday, July 16, 2010

The Show Calendar Returns!

First of all, my apologies for neglecting the show calendar on this incarnation of my site. If you're unaware, I've been scrambling to get my new site off the ground and have put most of my energy (show calendar-wise) on keeping the new calendar updated so that when my new site finally launches, that calendar will be nice and plump. But I figured since I'm using Google Calendar as the core, there's no reason I can't share it with you now and let you have access to all of my hard work of show compiling.

There's a couple of things that I've never explicitly said about the show calendar that I always thought would be semi-obvious, but I might as well get 'em off my chest now while I have the chance.

It's not comprehensive. At all. I do my best to catch all of the DIY & house shows before they happen, but living in Salem, a half hour outside of Boston, sometimes it's hard for me to stay in the loop. If you know of a show that you think me/AGB readers would be into and it's not on the calendar, please hit me up so I can spread the good word.

I haven't heard of all the bands that I list. Sometimes I'll put up a show where I haven't heard of a single band playing. That's rare, but it happens because it's going down at a super reputable place that I feel like I could just go to any show they're putting on and it will be awesome.

I'm going to try to update this as frequently as possible. Whenever I find out about a new show, it'll get posted.

Here's a tiny embedded one, but you'll probably want to check out the big one to get the full effect.


skybondsor said...

Very awesome! Thanks for doing the hard part.

Justin Snow said...

No way! The hard part is performing, putting on shows, all that shit. I just sit behind a computer and make lists. But thanks for the thanks. Always appreciated. :)