Thursday, July 15, 2010

Neil Jendon - Male Fantasies (Land Of Decay, 2010)

Neil Jendon - Side A (Red Nurse - Vigilante! - White Nurse)

Another piece of sweetness from Land Of Decay, although this is the first one from them I've heard that is non-Locrian related. Neil Jendon is just a dude who makes some killer drone, and also used to be in Zelienople and runs the gutflora label.

Side A is really dense stuff, deep rumbling static with delicate layers of barely there shimmer lying beneath the surface. Sounds like massive earthmovers hauling down dirt roads, kicking up an impenetrable wall of dust behind them, and seeing the sun in sporadic blurs where the dust has thinned out just a bit. And as the enormous trucks move on, the rumbling fades, the dust settles, the sun shines. Bliss sets in, soaring drone in the wide open barely blue skies. It saunters right up to New Age and says "Fuck you, this is how it's done."

Flip it over and it's 20 more minutes of amazing fucking drone. It sounds like electronic static distortion ramped up and evened out to create a plane of intimidating drone, yet still with the twinkling euphoria thrown in. It gets increasingly intense, imminent fucking danger where everything's about to go supernova. Feedback, static, low end throbbing, more static, and then it just fades away into the deepest growl you've ever heard. I'm talking from the depths of the deepest trenches. That kinda deep. But then that, too, fades away, into some more heavenly drone like the end of the A side. Some seriously incredible sounds, totally lush, a little OPN type warbling synth with star dust and tape hiss. It doesn't get much better than this.

Male Fantasies is some supreme drone. Jendon has pulled out all the stops, going from crumbling static to glowing glory and everything in between, mixing it all together and making a DAMN fine album in the process. It's a limited tape (250 copies) and it's one of the best aqua colors I've ever laid eyes on. So vibrant and punchy! Love everything about this.

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