Tuesday, July 13, 2010

OOPs: Keep Breathing - Keep Breathing (Rhizome, 2005)

Mysterious stuff here. Originally a ridiculously limited run of 5 or 6 copies on Winter Records, then reissued by Rhizome in a slightly more acquirable, though no less limited, run of 30 copies. No names. No liner notes to speak of (other than what I just mentioned). Song titles are dates. Just about as bare bones as it gets.

The music is where it's at, though. Three 20+ minute tracks (one nearly a half hour) of some long form drones that sound like bagpipe/harmonica/melodica/you get the idea, like the perfect union of Yoshi Wada and Eluvium. I assume it's recorded live using circular breathing, which makes this prime AGB material. I seriously love any/all of those instruments and turn 'em into some sprawling drone via circular breathing and I'm fucking GONE. Plus, the length of these pieces makes it all the more incredible imagining a single dude pushing his cheeks & lungs till the point of almost passing out.

This is some intense stuff, not exactly blissful but still quite a pleasant experience. Very hypnotic, open ended, intricate, layered drone, at times abrasive and enlightening. My wife Elise is pretty tolerable of most drone, but I'm fairly certain she wouldn't dig this. Which hopefully means you're all about this because I give Keep Breathing some of the highest praise possible.

Long live the drone.

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