Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Turtle Ambulance

OK, so there's these dudes. Two dudes to be precise. And they make music. You with me so far? Alright, and they call themselves Turtle Ambulance (TMNT reference perhaps? I fuckin hope so!). Now here's the kicker...they have a MySpace page where you can actually listen to their music. Crazy, I know.

So these Turtle Ambulance guys actually make really good music. Stuff that I like to listen to and maybe you would like to listen to. It's loopy and hypnotic and maybe even a little dancy. Also super-duper awesome. Kinda reminds me a little bit of Polmo Polpo and do I love me some Polmo Polpo. Especially the track "Swirly Slide." Very Polpo-esque. I highly recommend giving these guys a listen. I know it means you'll have to actually click a link to go to another page instead of just listening to an embedded clip on my blog but you know what? This time it's worth it.

They'll be playing a show in Cambridge soon (December 2) at TT's with some other way cool bands. Many Mansions, Truman Peyote, and Guatemala City share the bill. I saw Truman Peyote play with Black Dice at MassArt a few months back (click here to see a video of it) and it was the shit. So I guarantee this'll be one helluva good time.

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