Tuesday, November 18, 2008

MP3: The Mojomatics - Wait A While

The Mojomatics - Wait A While

This duo is Italy's answer to stuff like The White Stripes and The Last Shadow Puppets. It's got MojoMatt singing/playing guitar/harmonica and DavMatic drumming stuff. And so together they make up The Mojomatics. Heh. Geddit? Anyway, they got the bluesy energy infused garage rock deal going on and it's definitely working for them. And it works for me too. Some sweet tunes on their new album Don't Pretend That You Know Me. I'm especially digging the single/album opener "Wait A While." It's totally danceable and makes me feel a bit like a matador. Not in the "I fuck around with and kill bulls" way, though. More like "I wear super snazzy clothes and get to wave a huge red blanket around" way. That doesn't make me gay, does it?

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