Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tim Fite - Ding Dong Ditch

Tim Fite - RAW

Tim Fite is tha man. Love him to death. I especially love that he treats his fans to a free Halloween EP every year. Well, when I say every year, I mean he started last year with It's Only Ketchup and did it again this year, releasing Ding Dong Ditch. So lets just hope he keeps that up.

His Halloween EPs are a lot of fun. Ding Dong Ditch sounds like your regular Fite run through a '70s disco-funk filter and then mixed with Kraftwerk and some Goblin. So in other words, Tim Fite has made another amazing record.

Simply by the very nature of Ditch (short and free), you shouldn't go in expecting a full-blown well-constructed uber-professional record. It has a little bit in common with Just For You, which is the more experimental side of Fite. But that's OK. I promise. Because no matter what Tim Fite makes, he always delivers the goods.

With such a short record, it seems like every song is a highlight. The cheesy, slow burning, sad bastard "Dead Girl Walking" is hilarious. And then there's "RAW" where Fite sings, "We don't need no fire; eat the mother fucker raw! Raw mother fucker! Raw!" At just over 16 minutes, Ding Dong Ditch definitely leaves you wanting more. But hey, when it's free, you can't really complain.

Both Ding Dong Ditch and It's Only Ketchup are still available to download on Tim Fite's website right now. I don't know who long they'll stay up (last year it was only up for one day), so get while the gettin's good.

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Anonymous said...

Tim Fite is amazing.

If you like him, listen to the rest of the Anti- artists on their sampler. It's great.

You can download it OR stream it: http://www.antilabelblog.com/