Thursday, November 6, 2008

Smash Palace

It's time for everyone to get excited. Ready? GO!

Semata Productions (run by Ricardo Donoso) and Tautology Productions (run by David Gross) are putting on a 3 day noise event right here in Boston and they're calling it Smash Palace (totally unrelated to Sharon O'Neill's album...I think). It'll be held at the Cambridge YMCA (820 Mass Ave) from December 4th through the 6th. And hot damn! The line up is something dreams are made up featuring some truly kick ass noise gurus.

Thursday night there's Human Hairs, Moshimoshiiamthedecider, Ouest and someone TBA (possibly Red Horse, fuck yes!).

Friday night's got Mcguire/Jefferson, Asher, Perispirit, and the man himself, Keith Fullerton Whitman.

Saturday runs all day with Ophibre, Forbes Graham, Karlheinz, and Jed Speare/Jason Lescalleet doing the matinee set and Zerfallt, Stillbirth, The BSC, and Heathen Shame rounding out the evening set.

Wow. These are going to be three days of sheer awesomeness. Tickets are 10 bucks per event or 20 for a three day pass (25 if bought at the door). TWENTY DOLLARS for 16 bands. I'll do the math for you. That's a buck and a quarter for each performance. You will never ever find something so cheap and so mind blowing than Smash Palace. I can't fucking wait.

More info on the Smash Palace website and tickets can be bought from Weirdo Records.

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