Saturday, August 16, 2008

Black Dice & Truman Peyote at MassArt

Black Dice at MassArt

Truman Peyote at MassArt

Peace N Loving at MassArt

Sitting in traffic on 93 for a half an hour made me miss the first band Peace, Loving entirely. I came in just as the lights were turning on and they were packing their stuff up. Oh well. Worse things have happened.

As the next band was setting up, I got to do some people watching. And it was exactly the type of crowd you'd expect to find at a noise show at an art school. The place was filled with about 100 artsy hipsters. That's not supposed to be an insult or anything (I married an art school girl), just an observation.

Now, according to the information found on various websites, Main Fader was supposed to be playing the show. After a quick background check on that guy, it turns out it wasn't just him playing. I believe he was joined by another person and they called themselves Peace N Quiet (as evidenced by the pictures on Main Fader's MySpace page). Anyway, they were cool. They sounded a lot like Fuck Buttons if Fuck Buttons played some real instruments and were more interested in the desert than the jungle.

Next up, Truman Peyote. Great band. Great live show, due in part to their kick ass projections. They took an old overhead projector (the kind from grade school) and put paint and shit on it. It'd be easier to understand if you just watched this video I shot of it.

So Peyote is 3 (surprisingly young) kids playing Animal Collectivey music. Not entirely original, but still a lot of fun and they have a lot of enthusiasm. Thoroughly enjoyable and a great way to get primed for Black Dice.

And immediately after Truman Peyote stopped playing, Black Dice was ready to go. All their shit was set up, but sadly the sound guy wasn't keeping up with them. What would have been a pretty smooth transition turned into another 10 minutes of down time in between sets. No matter, because as soon as Dice went on, everyone was happy. They played the most noisy fucked up, semi-danceable stuff ever and the crowd ate it up.

It's interesting to see how different people absorb music like that. Some rock out, some dance, others sit down, and plenty of people just stand there in awe, either with their eyes closed or their mouths hanging open. Of course, Black Dice didn't fail to impress. The seizure inducing projection mixed with the chest rattling bass and ear blasting squelches made for one awesome fucking show. If you weren't there, you shoulda been.

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