Friday, November 28, 2008

Catch Of The Week: Black Friday

Johnny Foreigner - Salt, Pepper, And Spinderella (from Waited Up Til It Was Light)

First of all, this is the best name for a song. I'm not quite sure what part of this song gets stuck in my head. I think it's the "Are ya hungry now? Are ya hungry now?" Or maybe it's the "cheap plastic seats" part. I dunno. It doesn't matter. I just love this song. And you know what? I love the whole album, too. It's got kind of a Pretty Girls Make Graves feeling to it. Except a little bit edgier. And it's just fucking super energetic. YEAH!

Max Tundra - Which Song (from Parallax Error Beheads You)

Is it even possible to get a Max Tundra song stuck in your head? Answer: Of course! His music may be all weird and wonky but even the weirdest stuff can be strangely catchy. The problem in this case is I have no idea what he's actually saying. I just kinda hum the melody in my head even though I know I'm way off key. "Which Song" is totally cool and it makes me wanna dance like Prince.

The Dodos - Joe's Waltz (from Visiter)
Link removed.

It seems like I'm a sucker for waltzes. It must be the 1-2-3, 1-2-3, rhythm/beat thing. I say this only because I absolutely love Built To Spill's "Velvet Waltz" and now here I am again, loving yet another waltz. This song is so rocking and kinda head banging. So fucking intense, with those urgent drums and yelling. "You neeeeed help! You neeeeed help!" I need to listen to this song again. Just one more time.


Elise of Argyle Whale said...

elise wuz here :)

Anonymous said...

Nice, I didn't know Max Tundra had anything new out - are the other songs as good as this one? Really liked that Guy at the Exchange album.

Justin Snow said...

Yeah, his new album is really good. It's the first of his that I've heard so I wouldn't be able to compare it to the rest of his stuff but I'd definitely say it's awesome.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing the new one. Here's a cool tune from the last record -I think that's his sister on vocals: