Saturday, September 13, 2008

WYLD WYZRDZ - We Are Everyone


I found this freebie over on Forest Gospel (aka one of the best music blogs ever). WYLD WYZRDZ (caps required) is a one man noise/drone project, who also happens to record under the name Navigator. He's from the city of Salt Lake and he really knows how to make some uh-maze-ing music.

We Are Everyone opens with the gorgeous "Slope," an 11 minute guitar drone piece with plenty of thick high end feedback and soothing plicks. And it's very appropriately named because it's a track that starts out full force and slowly drops a layer or two every so often until all of the electricity is gone you're just left with quiet acoustic strums and an (occasionally layered) voice chanting/moaning with no rhyme or reason.

There's a few more tracks that are good in their own way but I feel like they're more filler than anything else, because it's the last song, "I Am Ocean," that complements "Slope." "I Am Ocean" is almost 20 minutes long and is one of the most soporific, sleep inducing songs I've heard this year. I'm pretty sure WYLD WYZRDZ meant for that description to be attributed to the song "Dream Sequence" though. And while "Dream Sequence" really does a really good job of evoking the, uh, dream sequence thing, "I Am Ocean" is the one that's getting the standing ovation from me.

This song is seriously awesome. It sounds like some weird guitar/organ/harpsichord hybrid being strummed/keyed at regular 1.5 second intervals throughout the whole track. Of course, there's your traditional guitar pleasantries that give the song some depth, but this is really about the hypnosis. I actually go into some sort of trance when I hear it and if I'm not careful, I will find myself asleep only 4 minutes into the song. Literally. It's probably not safe to listen to it while driving and only while you're lying down if you plan on taking a nap.

"But wait, you called this record a freebie..." Yes, it's free. Go download it now from WYLD WYZRDZ' website. And while you're at it, grab Beach Party Forever!. Also, on the Magic Goat website, you can grab some Navigator albums, including Loop Dreams: Volume One. I doubt you'll regret it. And if you ever felt like being a good person, you could always buy one of the physical copies from A. Star.


Anonymous said...

fuck yeah!

sassigrass said...

So glad you reviewed this!

Champagne said...
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Champagne said...

Your review is clearly more thorough and apt then the stupid first impression account I gave of this album.
Thanks for the infomation on WYLD WYZRDZ, I really love your blog, its on my bloglist now.

Justin Snow said...

Thanks, you're welcome, and thanks! :)