Saturday, September 27, 2008

Catch Of The Week: September 27th (Hip Hop Edition)

Time for another Catch Of The Week post, where I talk about the songs that have been stuck in my head recently and hopefully will free them from my mind in doing so. Although, last time I posted "Randy Described Reality" by Built To Spill and god dammit that song has been on constant repeat in my head for like 2 months now.

Danger Mouse - Public Service Announcement (from The Grey Album)

As good as Jay Z's The Black Album is, it just can't compare to Danger Mouse's Beatles/Jay Z mashup, The Grey Album. That thing is packed with the most killer beats that trump anything found on either of the originals. And it's filled to the brim with hooks, every single song gets stuck in my head regularly. I'm posting "Public Service Announcement" because that opening line is what really does it for me. "Allow me to re-introduce myself. My name is HOV! H to the O V." I hear that shit and you better not stop, I just gotta hit the rest of the album. "Encore," "99 Problems," "Dirt Off Your Shoulders," that stuff is top tier. I could listen to it all day. Aaaaand sometimes I do.

Tim Fite - It's All Right Here (from Over The Counter Culture)

Tim Fite is the fuckin' man. This guy does something no one else is doing but it doesn't really matter. Everyone else could be doing it and Fite would still be the best at it. His free album, Over The Counter Culture (download here), is all hip hop and it's hot. Tons of great songs, but "It's All Right Here" is easily the catchiest and the lyrics are hilarious. "I want you to buy my record so I can sell out in 60 seconds. At the Best Buy, I wanna be the best guy. You know that I'm better than the next guy even though we both sound exactly alike. Is that Jadakiss or is that Tim Fite? I dunno but I'm still gonna buy it. Consumerism is the shit now try it." It doesn't get much better than that.

Outkast - Ms. Jackson (from Stankonia)

Whenever I hear someone say "I'm sorry" the little high pitch Andre 3000 sounding voice in my head continues with "Miss Jackson. Hoooo! I am for reeeeal. Never meant to make your daughter cry. I apologize a trillion times." And then that's stuck in my head for at least a couple of days. And that "For ever ever" part gets used on a daily basis. Not out loud, though. 'Cause that would be weird. And really annoying.


claire said...

the grey album never gets old. dangermouse is a genius -the collaboration he did with beck is fantastic.

Justin Snow said...

It's true. I feel like Danger Mouse has The Midas Touch.